British Fashion Brands Redefining Style

In the dynamic world of fashion, British designers have long been at the forefront of innovation and creativity. From iconic names like

Isifiso, a Croydon-Based Sustainable Fashion Startup, Honored Among the UK’s Top Small Businesses

Isifiso, a South Norwood firm founded by Kavitha Soundararajan, has secured a spot in Small Business Saturday's prestigious list of

Insights from SilkFred CEO and Leading Brand Owners

In 2024, the allure of turning a side hustle into a full-fledged business is stronger than ever. With the rise

A Collaborative Endeavor of GIZ ICONE and Eatable in the Agri-Food Sector

In a bid to bolster Cambodia's agri-food sector and foster economic growth, a strategic collaboration between GIZ ICONE and Eatable Adventures has birthed

Clothes Doctor: Revolutionizing Eco-Friendly Clothing Care with a £1M Boost

In response to heightened awareness about the environmental impact of the fashion industry, an increasing number of sustainable cloth startups

Dragons’ Den’s Entrepreneurial Sparks  in 2024

Dragons' Den is a platform where entrepreneurs showcase their dreams to a national audience and seasoned investors. The feedback received

From £10 to Dessert Royalty: A British Pakistani’s Odyssey in London’s Dessert Scene

'My dad came to the UK with just £10 in his pocket - now I own one of the most popular dessert places in London'


Ireland’s Top 5 Food Tech Startups: Pioneering Innovation and Convenience

Top 5 Food Tech Startups in Ireland and their success stories In the realm of on-demand food technology startups in

Discovering Budget-Friendly Wellness: London’s Premier Healthy Dining Destinations Unveiled

Discovering Budget-Friendly Wellness: London's Premier Healthy Dining Destinations Unveiled" In an exciting revelation for health-conscious diners, eight exceptional London restaurants

Epicurean Dynamics: Spotlight on London’s Leading Lights in 2023 Food & Beverage Startups

UNVEILING THE PIONEERS OF LONDON'S FOOD & BEVERAGE STARTUP SCENE IN 2023 London's dynamic and ever-progressing Food and Beverage sector

A Collaborative Endeavor of GIZ ICONE and Eatable in the Agri-Food Sector

In a bid to bolster Cambodia's agri-food sector and foster economic growth, a strategic collaboration between GIZ ICONE and Eatable Adventures has birthed

Revolutionizing Pharmacy Services: A Conversation with Santosh Sahu, CEO and Founder of Charac

Interview With Santosh Sahu, CEO and Founder of Charac In the realm of healthcare innovation,

Empowering Women’s Health: Guud Secures $1.7 Million in Seed Funding for Revolutionary Menstrual Health Approach

Menstrual Health Startup Guud Secures $1.7 Million In Seed Funding Guud, a startup dedicated to

Revolutionizing Mental Wellness: 5 Trailblazing Startups Redefining Therapy and Wellness

5 Therapy and Wellness Startups For Your Mental Health The landscape of mental health and

Chubb Launches New HealthTech Industry Practice Offering Bespoke Insurance Coverages

Chubb has announced the launch of its new HealthTech Industry Practice, a comprehensive insurance offering designed

Zera Cooling Crescent: Empowering Women With Innovative Solutions for Menopausal Hot Flushes and Racial Disparities

At the tender age of 22, Aphra embarked on a profound journey catalyzed by a deeply personal experience – witnessing her mother navigate the tumultuous


Bactery: Revolutionizing Agriculture with Self-Recharging Soil Batteries

In the quest for sustainable solutions to power the agriculture sector, a groundbreaking innovation has emerged from the University of

UK Tech Startups to Watch in 2024

The UK tech startup scene is booming. In 2022 alone, UK tech startups raised an impressive £21.2 billion in announced

5 Startups Transforming the UK’s Tech Landscape

The UK's tech industry is a hotbed of innovation, with startups emerging rapidly to address various challenges and seize opportunities

Lightstate Unveils Groundbreaking Solar-Powered EV Charging Hubs in the UK

Lightstate, a pioneering clean energy technology firm, has announced an ambitious new strategy to revolutionize EV charging infrastructure across the

ICEYE Launches New APIs for Faster Access to SAR Satellite Imagery

ICEYE, a global leader in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite operations, has unveiled two groundbreaking application programming interfaces (APIs) aimed

DeepL Write: Transforming Business Communication with Language AI

DeepL, renowned for its Language AI expertise, has introduced DeepL Write Pro, a game-changing service tailored for businesses. This innovative

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