IMRO and Audoo: Revolutionizing Public Performance Royalties  

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In a move set to transform the landscape of public performance royalties, IMRO (Irish Music Rights Organisation) has joined forces with Audoo, a pioneering music recognition technology company. This collaboration aims to revolutionize how royalties are distributed in public spaces, ensuring fair compensation for music creators while enhancing transparency and efficiency in the process.

Enhancing Royalty Distribution with Audoo’s Technology

The cornerstone of this partnership is Audoo’s innovative Audio Meter, endorsed by industry luminaries like Sir Elton John and ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus. Installed in select public spaces across Ireland as part of a trial program, these Audio Meters utilize smart plug-in technology to securely track and report background music in quasi real-time. By accurately identifying the music being played, Audoo’s solution enhances IMRO’s existing reporting mechanisms, facilitating a more precise breakdown of royalty distributions.

One of the key features of Audoo’s technology is its adherence to GDPR compliance and privacy protection. With no language processing capabilities on the device, the focus remains solely on capturing music data, ensuring user privacy is maintained. This privacy-first approach aligns with the values of both Audoo and IMRO, fostering trust among stakeholders while driving innovation in royalty distribution practices.

Expanding the Reach & Empowering Music Creators

While the initial rollout targets urban areas and select business types, there are ambitious plans to expand the deployment of Audoo’s technology across all of Ireland. This expansion reflects the commitment of both IMRO and Audoo to democratize access to accurate music usage data and optimize royalty distribution processes for the benefit of creators, performers, rights holders, and licensees alike.

Central to this partnership is the shared vision of supporting and empowering music creators. By leveraging Audoo’s cutting-edge technology, IMRO aims to set a new global benchmark for music royalties, driving efficiency and accuracy in distribution. With over 25,000 global songwriters, composers, and music publisher members, IMRO is dedicated to maximizing the collection and distribution of royalties through continuous innovation.

A Testimony to Innovation and Collaboration

Sean Donegan, IMRO’s Chief Commercial Officer, emphasizes the organization’s commitment to investing in new technologies and services to ensure faster and more accurate royalty payments. He sees the partnership with Audoo as adding another layer to IMRO’s advanced technological tools, further enhancing the precision of royalty distributions.

Ryan Edwards, Audoo’s founder and CEO, views the partnership as a pivotal moment in the evolution of public performance royalties. He highlights the benefits for creators, performers, rights holders, and licensees, underscoring the enriched experience for customers in public settings.

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