Pioneering the Future: 5 UK-Based Digital Health Startups Leading the Way

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Digital Health Landscape: A Spotlight on UK’s Innovations

Digital health, a realm marked by substantial growth and constant innovation, holds our keen attention as a prominent broker in this dynamic space. Its influence permeates various spheres, from hospitals and homes to the smartphones in our pockets and smartwatches adorning our wrists.

In the past year alone, the digital health sector witnessed a staggering $8.2 billion in global investments, accompanied by the emergence of numerous new players. As we navigate through this landscape, we present a comprehensive overview of the most compelling companies, focusing on the three fastest-growing sectors: artificial intelligence, mental health, and femtech.


1. Fertifa

  • Location: London, UK
  • About: Fertifa makes reproductive health accessible globally through employer partnerships. Their comprehensive services include diagnosis, treatment, clinical advice, educational support, financing, and ongoing healthcare.
  • Distinguishing Factor: Fertifa’s extensive services across the reproductive healthcare spectrum, coupled with significant partnerships, contribute to its standout position.

2. Peanut

  • Location: London, UK
  • About: Peanut is a social networking app connecting women at similar life stages, fostering advice-sharing from fertility to menopause. With a community of one million users, Peanut emphasizes building a female-led support network.
  • Distinguishing Factor: The app’s success lies in creating a robust female community centered around shared life experiences.

3. Flo

  • Location: London, UK
  • About: Globally recognized as the number one period and ovulation tracker, Flo boasts over 300 million users. The app, led by a team of 100+ practitioners, prioritizes privacy in addressing personal health tracking needs.
  • Distinguishing Factor: Achieving ISO 27001 certification, Flo sets a gold standard for security, ensuring user privacy in the realm of period, ovulation, and fertility tracking.

   4. Samphire Neuroscience

  • Location: London, UK
  • About: Samphire is the world’s first wearable designed to alleviate menstrual symptoms. The FireBand product uses low current electrical pulses based on 30 years of clinical research to provide pain relief, mood control, increased energy, and mental clarity.
  • Distinguishing Factor: Samphire’s innovative wearable addresses menstrual symptoms, potentially reducing the significant lost productivity associated with menstruation.

5. Jennis

  • Location: London, UK
  • About: Jennis is a fitness app focusing on hormonal health, offering bespoke fitness advice through menstruation, pregnancy, postnatal, and perimenopause. By mapping a user’s hormone cycle, Jennis provides tailored fitness guidance for every life stage.
  • Distinguishing Factor: Jennis caters to women’s fitness regimes at every life stage, acknowledging the influence of hormonal health.

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