Empowering Women’s Health: Guud Secures $1.7 Million in Seed Funding for Revolutionary Menstrual Health Approach

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Menstrual Health Startup Guud Secures $1.7 Million In Seed Funding

Guud, a startup dedicated to menstrual health, has successfully concluded a seed funding round, securing $1.7 million to further its innovative approach. According to the World Bank, about 92% of menstruating women experience health symptoms, yet menstrual health remains widely misunderstood globally.

Guud, a Belgium-based startup founded by Morgane Leten, aims to bridge this knowledge gap by combining expert support, clinically proven supplements, and knowledge to empower women about their health. Leten emphasizes the lack of understanding, even in advanced regions like the EU, revealing that 80% of women lack a comprehensive grasp of the interconnected relationship between their bodies and the menstrual cycle.

The startup addresses another challenge: insufficient support from the medical community. Research indicates that 84% of women in the U.K. feel unheard by healthcare professionals regarding menstrual health concerns. Guud aims to provide a solution beyond generic treatments by offering personalized care backed by science.

Guud’s origin story stems from Leten’s personal experience with PCOS. Dissatisfied with available solutions, she, along with her husband Jan, co-founder of Guud, set out to create a revolutionary product. The startup’s supplements, designed for clean and sustainable health solutions, have garnered significant attention and support.

The seed funding round, totaling $1.7 million, was led by investors globally, including the U.K., the U.S., Holland, France, Germany, Italy, and Belgium. Notable participants include Bynd, Coformaco, Lyssna, and experienced angel investors from health, wellbeing, and FMCG backgrounds. The funding positions Guud for continued growth and expansion.

Guud’s community-centric approach includes a team of experts providing real-time chat support, creating a holistic platform for women’s health. The startup’s commitment extends beyond being a supplement company, aiming to empower women globally. With a strong presence in Belgium, Guud plans to expand across Europe, focusing on underserved suburban areas.

Investors express enthusiasm for Guud’s mission, recognizing its groundbreaking approach in the femtech space. Francisco Ferreira Pinto of Bynd Venture Capital acknowledges the profound difference Guud is making in women’s lives. Conny Vandendriessche of Coformaco commends Guud’s commitment to improving menstrual health, highlighting its value in the femtech sector.

The latest investment will facilitate team expansion, enabling Guud to strengthen its presence in Europe. The startup aims to offer a comprehensive, vertically integrated solution for menstrual health, differentiating itself in the direct-to-consumer market. By addressing all aspects of menstrual health, Guud seeks to contribute to women’s health research and enhance the well-being of its customers.

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