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In February 2020, David Brinson and Victoria Houston founded GOOD LONDON with a mission to transform the vintage and second-hand clothing market. Armed with a modest amount of initial capital and a bold vision, they set out to create a retail experience like no other.

David, with his extensive background in commercial retail and project management, combined with his insights from charity retail, saw a unique opportunity. He observed that charity shops often had amazing products but fell short in terms of store presentation, staff training, and overall shopping experience. Determined to bridge this gap, David and Victoria aimed to bring the high standards of commercial retail to the vintage and second-hand sector.

GOOD LONDON was born out of this vision, blending the best of both worlds. The result is a series of shops that offer not only top-quality vintage clothing but also a delightful shopping environment. Customers have embraced this concept enthusiastically, drawn to the thoughtfully curated collections and the inviting store atmospheres.

Today, GOOD LONDON is present at prime locations across London: Kensington, Queensway near Notting Hill, London Bridge train station, and Seven Dials, Covent Garden. “When you step into our stores, you’ll discover a blend of contemporary clothing, unique vintage pieces, and designer labels,” said David. “Our goal is for each item to integrate seamlessly into your modern wardrobe.” 

Simply because vintage never goes out of fashion and sustainability is good for fashion!

We specialize in preowned clothing, but we’re far more than just a vintage shop,” shared Victoria. “We hope to appeal to everyone, from those experiencing vintage shopping for the first time to dedicated vintage customers with our unique collection ranging from high street to luxury, and everything in between”.

At GOOD LONDON, the love for timeless fabrics like leather, cashmere, and cotton drives the mission to salvage and bring these treasures back to life. The brand partners with recycling companies to rescue clothing at the end of the “life cycle,” giving them a fresh start. Each piece in the handpicked, pre-owned collection available at GOOD SHOP LONDON stores offers customers the opportunity to shop guilt-free, with a minimal environmental impact.

The selection features an array of exquisite Designer brands, including second-hand Burberry jackets and trenches, as well as a variety of coats, skirts, blazers and shirts. Shoppers can also discover vintage handmade dresses, suits and two pieces, silk shirts, and beautiful one of a kind, true vintage items. Highlights include the unique Kimono-style dresses and iconic pieces from prenowned designers like Ossie Clark, Jean Muir, Gina Fratini, Correges, Louis Feraud and Thierry Mugler, along with key fashion items from the ’60s to the ’90s.

In addition to clothing, GOOD LONDON offers a remarkable collection of pre-loved designer accessories, ensuring every fashion enthusiast can find something special. 

From humble beginnings to ambitious horizons

Navigating the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic successfully, GOOD LONDON has since then, connected and converted over 51,000 customers with the quality of their offerings.

The first year saw a modest yet promising revenue of £200,000. By the second year, this figure had surged to £500,000. Most impressively, in their third full financial year, they achieved a remarkable turnover of just under £1 million.

David and Victoria’s ambitions don’t stop there. They envision scaling the business sustainably, aiming for a network of six shops within the next 18 months. Following this milestone, the goal is to expand further to 8-10 shops, positioning GOOD LONDON for substantial profit generation.

David and Victoria are determined to tap into the potential of vintage and second-hand clothing market, with significant waste still prevalent in the UK. By growing their business, they aim to attract investors or buyers with the resources to take GOOD LONDON to even greater heights, potentially expanding to 50 shops nationwide. Their strategic vision underscores a deep commitment to sustainability and a desire to revolutionize the fashion industry. 

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