Revolutionizing Trauma Therapy: The Journey of Yanick Steinbeck, Founder & CEO of

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Meet Yanick Steinbeck, Founder & CEO of, a trailblazing online therapy company, secured the 13th position in the 2023 SaaS66. This article presents an insightful interview with Yanick Steinbeck, the visionary leader behind this innovative venture.

Tell us about

At, we specialize in creating cutting-edge software and hardware that empowers therapists to conduct EMDR therapy online. Originating as a weekend project during the COVID era, we swiftly evolved into a global market leader, now serving over 20,000 EMDR therapists worldwide. These professionals leverage our software and hardware to facilitate millions of online therapy sessions annually.

What is EMDR therapy?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, an evidence-based trauma therapy, stands at the core of our mission. Employed by the US military for veterans, the UN for refugees, and over 100,000 therapists globally, EMDR effectively treats PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders rooted in traumatic experiences. The therapy’s success lies in desensitizing and reprocessing traumatic memories through bilateral stimulation (BLS) – visually, auditorily, or tactilely.

How did this all start and where are you today?

My personal experience with EMDR therapy fueled my passion for its potential. After completing therapy in person, I proposed the idea of online EMDR to my former therapist. Initially dismissed, the concept gained traction when COVID hit. Responding to the demand, I developed the initial software, which unexpectedly went viral within the EMDR therapist community. What began as a COVID side project evolved into an industry standard, utilized by over 20,000 therapists worldwide.

A hardware product for online therapy? How does that work?

While our software covered visual and auditory BLS, therapists expressed a need for tactile BLS in online sessions. Recognizing this gap, we embarked on developing proprietary hardware, starting with a successful crowdfunding campaign. The resulting hardware enables tactile EMDR over the internet, offering therapists a complete toolset for online sessions.

What did you do before this company?

My career journey encompasses startup executive roles, launching new products and markets, and software engineering, building scalable systems for startups. marks the convergence of my expertise, where I lead technology and product development, steering the company’s strategic vision.

What was the most challenging part of building

Our journey presented numerous technical challenges, from ensuring reliable software performance across devices to achieving seamless integration between hardware and software. My background in software engineering proved invaluable in designing a scalable technical architecture that accommodates millions of therapy sessions yearly. Witnessing our products impact lives globally is immensely rewarding.

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