Empowering Legal Practices: The Journey of Yao with Co-founders Natasha Lewis and Col Secomb

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Meet Natasha Lewis and Col Secomb, Co-founders of Legal Practice & Case Management System: Yao

Yao, a cutting-edge legal practice and case management system, is the brainchild of two entrepreneurial law firm managing partners, Col and Natasha. Driven by the frustrations of encountering inadequate and expensive practice management systems in their early years, they embarked on a mission to transform the legal landscape. Yao stands out for its feature-rich design, user-friendly interface, and cloud-based architecture, aiming to simplify complex tasks and provide an enjoyable user experience for lawyers.

The Genesis of Yao – Turning Frustration into Innovation

The idea for Yao emerged from the frustrations of Col and Natasha as managing partners dealing with unsuitable software for law firms. Dissatisfied with the available options, they disrupted the traditional law firm model by creating an in-house solution for their own firm. The immediate boost in productivity and staff satisfaction fueled their vision to develop Yao—a cloud-based practice management system. Yao’s uniqueness lies in its ownership by experienced law firm partners, continuous evolution based on user feedback, and development by world-class developers—all motivated by a passion to simplify lawyers’ tasks and automate complex issues.

Evolution Over the Years – Responding to User Needs

Yao has undergone significant evolution by actively responding to its user community’s needs in recent years. Rejecting the status quo, Yao continually develops new features and functionalities based on user feedback. As more law firms embrace Yao, it has exposed outdated practices in the legal industry, leading to revolutionary changes. The platform’s close collaboration with users has organically shaped it into a more powerful, user-friendly system aligned with the latest software trends.

The Future of Yao – Exciting Developments Ahead

Yao’s future promises to maintain its mission of making lawyers enthusiastic about effective technology usage. The company’s dedication to user-friendly technology, swift implementation of features, and addressing real-life challenges will remain paramount. As Yao stays at the forefront of technological advancements, it aims to reshape the legal industry further. In the rapidly advancing technological landscape, Yao commits to providing modern lawyers with access to the latest innovations, enhancing their work experience, and driving efficiency in legal practices.

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