SilkFred Unveils Innovative Fashion App Tailored for Personalized Style Experiences

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London-based startup SilkFred has launched a cutting-edge app catering to fashion enthusiasts, aiming to distill the essence of enjoyable shopping experiences into a seamless concept. The app showcases the latest fashion from undiscovered brands, accompanied by shoppable video content demonstrating styling tips from the SilkFred team.

In light of potential lockdowns, SilkFred recognizes the importance of feeling good during challenging times. Despite restrictions, couples can still invite up to 15 guests to ceremonies, and with socialization increasing in bars and restaurants, the desire to look and feel good remains essential. Upon downloading the SilkFred app, customers are prompted to share upcoming plans, enabling the curation of outfits tailored specifically for their scheduled events.

A notable feature on SilkFred’s website is the ‘Perfect For’ section, including specialized pages like ‘Perfect for the Pub.’ Although initially set to launch publicly on April 1st, the onset of COVID-19 prompted the team to conduct rigorous user testing, experiment with layouts, and refine the app before its official release.

The app’s development has been an in-house endeavor, with SilkFred’s team creating both content and technology from the ground up. Emma Watkinson, CEO & Co-founder of SilkFred, emphasized the app’s distinctiveness, designed to provide unique journeys for customers, incorporating the brand’s signature catwalk and tutorial videos. The app’s user-centric approach aims to simplify the process of finding the perfect outfit amid the noise of the fashion landscape.

Watkinson highlighted SilkFred’s data-driven approach, leveraging insights from a decade of selling for independent brands to craft personalized customer journeys based on behavior. This strategic advantage positions SilkFred favorably against large high street retailers. Watkinson expressed pride in the team’s accomplishment during a challenging period.

Anticipating further growth, SilkFred has announced the development of an Android app, expanding its reach to international customers in the near future.

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