Revolutionizing Recruitment: Tangent’s Mission for Social Mobility

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In today’s interconnected world, professional networks often serve as the gateway to career opportunities. However, for individuals from low socioeconomic backgrounds, access to these networks can be limited, hindering their career progression. Recognizing this disparity, Gary Izunwa, Co-Founder of Tangent, embarked on a mission to level the playing field by launching an innovative employee referral platform.

Tangent’s Vision and Evolution

At its core, Tangent is a platform that democratizes the referral process, connecting aspiring Business/Sales Development Representatives (B/SDRs) with Tech Sales professionals in London. Through concise video pitches, job seekers showcase their skills and personality, providing a unique opportunity for sales representatives to identify promising candidates beyond traditional channels.

Since its inception in October 2022, Tangent has evolved from a minimal viable product (MVP) to a fully-fledged platform, fueled by a successful round of funding. The company’s growth trajectory is fueled by its commitment to advancing social mobility, with early adopters including esteemed companies like GoCardless and Multiverse.

Central to Tangent’s success is its vibrant working culture, characterized by a shared passion for social impact. Embracing values of vulnerability, trust, and accountability, the team operates with a high degree of autonomy and purpose, united by a common goal of reshaping the future of recruitment.

Overcoming Challenges and Looking Ahead:

Despite facing challenges, particularly in fundraising as a first-time founder from a low socioeconomic background, Gary’s perseverance and strategic networking propelled Tangent forward. By breaking into influential circles, he secured the resources needed to propel the company to new heights.

Tangent’s significance lies in its ability to address an unmet need within the tech industry, where talent often goes unnoticed due to systemic barriers. By leveraging technology to unlock hidden potential, Tangent not only benefits individuals but also drives positive outcomes for businesses and the economy as a whole.

Tangent is poised for exponential growth, both in terms of its technology platform and user base. As Gary emphasizes, the company is uniquely positioned to blend purpose and profit, fueling its ambition to make a meaningful impact on the world of recruitment.

For aspiring founders, Gary offers invaluable advice rooted in his entrepreneurial journey: prioritize user feedback and engagement, ensuring that every decision aligns with the needs of your target audience. By staying true to this principle and embracing the challenges of entrepreneurship with resilience and self-compassion, success becomes attainable.

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