Pioneering the Future: England’s Trailblazing Sales Automation Startups

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In the ever-evolving landscape of sales technology, England stands at the forefront of innovation, witnessing a surge in pioneering startups driving the adoption of automation in today’s digital era. This article delves into the realm of 15 dynamic sales automation startups based in England, each reshaping the business landscape with cutting-edge solutions.

Radiate B2B:

Radiate B2B, founded by Mike Weston and Riaz Kanani, emerges as a transformative intent data platform, revolutionizing advertising, B2B, marketing, SaaS, and sales sectors. The platform monitors online activities, identifies market trends, and predicts future behavior.


Focused on human resources, IT, and social media marketing, Primeflow, conceived by Daniel Svonava, Jan Baeriswyl, and Nancy Fechnay, facilitates partnerships between companies and high-profile ambassadors to source talent and business potential.


A forward-thinking IT consultancy, Saastronomical develops automation tools streamlining marketing, accounting, and business processes.


Combining digital marketing with innovative lead generation and sales automation, Yoorop stands as a consulting company reshaping business strategies.

LeadGen App:

Recognizing the demand for user-friendly online forms, LeadGen App provides businesses with a coding-free solution for effective lead generation.


Liinea offers expertise through sales training, workshops, and masterclasses for B2B companies, promoting growth and professional development.


Founded by Phil Denham and Tobias Dawes, Avnio leads the AI and machine learning revolution with specialized RFP Automation and PreSales Operations solutions for the enterprise software industry., founded by A Hallam, is a leading SaaS platform offering efficient B2B email address finding and verification solutions.

The Architech Club:

Founded by Gemma Blezard, The Architech Club is a management consulting company pioneering innovative customer service and information services.


Under the leadership of Matthew Watson, WeDoCRM is the go-to source for CRM support, optimizing operations for CRM teams and businesses.

Social Proofy:

Led by Gokhan Memis, Social Proofy leverages the psychological concept of social proof to enhance market visibility and customer base.


Co-founded by Bobby Tang and James Lo, Mana connects creators and professionals through its world-class builder platform.


Launched by Gautam Rishi, OneShot focuses on making hyper-personalized prospecting a reality.

Founded by Andreas Kater, simplifies operations by ensuring scalable and shareable workflows.


Automaly, a sales and marketing automation consultancy, provides tailored strategies and tools to enhance market performance and achieve desired goals.

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