A Discussion with Dominique Harrison-Bentzen and William Stone, Creators of Agent Lunar: Pioneering an All-Inclusive Customer Experience (CX) Platform

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Anticipating the imminent official launch, the minds behind Agent Lunar eagerly share insights into their groundbreaking venture.

Agent Lunar marks the dawn of a transformative era, ushering in digital workers with distinct identities, memories, and skills that seamlessly collaborate with human teams. These advanced AI Agents redefine how small businesses navigate the dynamic needs of consumers. The inaugural release in January introduces Mya, an AI Chief Marketing Officer, setting the stage for a game-changing approach.

These AI Agents not only showcase efficiency but also prove cost-effective, operating at a speed 20 times faster than their human counterparts, resulting in a staggering 98% cost reduction.

Unveiling Agent Lunar’s Market Reach

Agent Lunar is on a mission to bolster small businesses, with an immediate focus on revitalizing the UK’s high streets—a mission with global implications. Rather than competing with online entities, Agent Lunar aims to harmonize digital and physical stores, transforming online interactions into in-store foot traffic.

Recognizing the evolving customer landscape, Agent Lunar emphasizes the need for retailers to shift towards experiential approaches, catering to the “Phygital” buyer. While initially targeting the UK market, the vision includes expanding globally, acknowledging the universal expectation for a seamless online and in-store experience.

The commitment to supporting small businesses stems from their pivotal role in global economic development. Agent Lunar’s digital workers, tailored for small businesses, operate within their proprietary SaaS platform, with Mya leading as the Chief Marketing Officer. As Agent Lunar expands globally, multilingual support will prioritize local nuances, dialects, and cultural details for authentic communication.

The Genesis of Agent Lunar’s Concept

Conceived during their time at London Business School, Dominique and William’s shared values and upbringing in tight-knit communities shaped their commitment to community life. Witnessing the decline of businesses and amenities due to economic disruptions, they envisioned a solution that bridges the gap between physical and digital. Agent Lunar’s genesis lies in their combined expertise in both “bricks” and “clicks” retail, creating a platform to empower small businesses in a changing landscape.

Future Insights from Agent Lunar

Looking ahead, Agent Lunar has ambitious plans for the coming year. Acknowledging that a Chief Marketing Officer alone won’t address all small businesses’ needs, they are developing AI agents in Sales and Customer Care. This trio aims to provide SMBs with comprehensive control over the entire customer experience—attraction, conversion, and retention.

Additionally, Agent Lunar plans to broaden its support network for SMBs by partnering with local councils and governments, amplifying the impact on urban renewal. Embracing the controversial topic of digital workers, Agent Lunar advocates for responsible AI use, emphasizing the need for stringent guidelines.

Agent Lunar envisions a future where humans and digital workers collaborate, propelling societal advancement and fostering inclusive economic prosperity.

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