A Conversation with Avinav Nigam, Co-Founder & CEO of TERN Group

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TERN’s Vision: Revolutionizing International Recruitment & Migration

In a bid to transform the fragmented landscape of global recruitment and migration, TERN strives to establish legal and ethical pathways across the world.

Encountering distressing tales of skilled professionals falling victim to unscrupulous practices in global migration, the TERN team took decisive action. Proficient individuals like nurses and care workers faced fraudulent job placements in the UK, enduring financial losses to middlemen.

Addressing the pressing need for professionalizing global migration, the UK Home Secretary’s December 4th announcement emphasized curbing immigration rule misuse. Despite this, the UK contends with shortages in crucial sectors such as Healthcare, IT, essential services, hospitality, retail, logistics, and real estate.

TERN introduces an end-to-end global recruitment and migration platform, enabling UK and German employers to access a meticulously screened top 5% talent pool from source markets. This facilitates efficient shortlisting, scheduling, interviewing, and job offers. The platform seamlessly handles visa, compliance, and relocation, ensuring transparency throughout, providing both talents and employers with a superior, white-glove experience.

The Evolution of TERN Over the Past Years

Over a brief span, TERN has expanded operations across the UK, Germany, India, and Dubai, with plans for further market deepening before expansion. The company has experienced a remarkable 400% growth in the last three months, securing substantial enterprise contracts for predictable revenues. Collaborating at the highest levels with the NHS, TERN aims to create a scalable platform for the healthcare sector in the UK.

Future Prospects for TERN

TERN’s trajectory involves continued expansion in the healthcare vertical, forging deeper ties with the NHS and the Private sector in the UK. The company also aims to establish robust supply relationships and dominate the consumer market in India.

Investments are directed towards enhancing technological capabilities, utilizing Artificial Intelligence, LLMs/AGI, and automating workflows. TERN plans to launch in Australia, Canada, and the UAE, furthering its presence and commitment to the global IT recruitment platform. The future entails a comprehensive Talent platform offering self-onboarding and career counseling, alongside a Client platform ensuring full compliance and relocation support.

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