Revolutionizing Mental Health Diagnosis: thymia Secures $2.7 Million to Expand AI Approach Through Gamification

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UK’s thymia raises $2.7 million to expand its AI approach to diagnosing mental health struggles through gamification

thymia CEO Dr. Emilia Molimpakis asserts, “By merging cutting-edge neuroscience and ethical, explainable AI, we’ve crafted a tool accelerating accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans.”

thymia pioneers an AI-driven methodology for diagnosing mental health symptoms and tailoring treatment plans via gamified AI tools. Leveraging its extensive dataset—one of the world’s largest, comprising over a billion data points from 5000 individuals with mental health issues—the UK-based health tech start-up asserts its tool offers a ‘more objective and empirical’ mental health assessment.

Dr. Emilia Molimpakis, neuroscientist and thymia’s CEO, shares her motivation: “Our mission at thymia is to expedite mental health assessments, making them more objective and reliable. Current methods often overlook the myriad ways mental health conditions manifest. My personal experience with my best friend’s misdiagnosis and struggle with depression in uni highlights this issue.”

She emphasizes the revolutionary nature of thymia’s technology: “By fusing cutting-edge neuroscience and ethical, explainable AI, we’ve created a tool ensuring swift, accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans. Our goal is to empower clinicians with the best tools for optimal patient care.”

Having secured a $2.7 million Seed round, led by Kodori Ventures and featuring support from Entrepreneur First, Syndicate Room’s Access, Calm/Storm, Form Ventures, and angel investors Amanda M Cardinale and Nadav Rosenberg, thymia plans to expand into new markets and enhance its capabilities. The London-based firm, currently fundraising on Crowdcube, is making strides in addressing the global urgency of mental healthcare.

Alexander Kuznetsov at Kodori Ventures expresses pride in supporting thymia’s pioneering work: “As mental healthcare becomes a pressing global issue, innovative approaches like thymia’s are crucial. Their expansion to four continents positions them as a global force in mental health care, and I anticipate the transformative impact of their work on mental health diagnosis and understanding.”

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