STOCKED: East London earns Dragons’ Den investment, revolutionizing frozen meals with innovative, convenient solutions.

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Charlie Gilpin and Sam Moss, the dynamic duo behind STOCKED, took centre stage on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, capturing the attention of investors with their revolutionary approach to frozen meals. Hailing from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, these lifelong friends showcased their nutritious, chef-prepared, award-winning meals, transforming the freezer aisle into a haven of convenience and quality.

Entering the Den with confidence, Sam and Charlie pitched STOCKED as a solution for modern lives craving nutritious meals amidst hectic schedules. Their individually portioned, space-efficient frozen blocks promised to revolutionize freezer contents, offering delicious dishes ready in under four minutes. The Dragons were captivated by the product’s potential, with guest Dragon Emma Grede praising the taste and Sara Davies relating to the busy lifestyle STOCKED aimed to alleviate.

Strategic Investment

While the Dragons initially found the £2.5 million valuation ambitious and raised concerns about digital marketing expenses, investor Steven Bartlett recognized the brand’s disruptive potential. With his expertise in digital-first brands, Steven saw an opportunity to build a significant online following and subscription base. After negotiation, Sam and Charlie accepted Steven’s offer of £50,000 investment for a 6% stake in STOCKED, paving the way for future growth and expansion.

A Dream Realized

For Charlie and Sam, appearing on Dragons’ Den was a surreal experience, having grown up watching the show. However, their journey didn’t end in the Den; it marked the beginning of a partnership with Steven Bartlett, whom they believe is the perfect fit to help realize their vision. With Steven’s background in nutrition and marketing, the trio is poised to bring STOCKED to new heights, developing a retail product to reach a broader audience and further revolutionize the frozen food industry.

Secures Future Growth

STOCKED’s success story on Dragons’ Den is a testament to the power of innovation and perseverance in entrepreneurship. Charlie and Sam’s journey from East London to national television screens exemplifies the transformative potential of disruptive ideas backed by strategic partnerships. As they embark on the next chapter of their journey with Steven Bartlett, the future looks bright for STOCKED, poised to redefine convenience and quality in frozen meals for years to come.

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